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How to use Xender to Send and Receive files between your computer and your Android Phone? (SOLVED)

Nowadays technology has come a long way, and some of the things we once thought were impossible are already possible. For example wireless phone charging is now something that is coming very fast. People are using magnetic technology to charge their phones. But today I will show you how you can send things from your android phone to a computer and from your Computer to your phone quite easily.

  • Now to get started, make sure you have the Xender Application on your Android Phone. If you do not click the link below to download on your Android Phone
  • CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD from google play store.
  • After that copy this link and paste on your blowser http://web.xender.com/ and you will see the following interface
  • After than, direct your phone camera as normal when sending file to your friend using sender and the Xender will connect automatical and you are ready to Go.

From there you can send and receive files.

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