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Ability to set WhatsApp messages Auto-deleting after one week (7 Days).

Earlier this week, Facebook announced the arrival of a new feature that allows users of the communication app to send automatically deleted messages within seven days of sending the message. The new feature, which is already available to all WhatsApp users, can also be activated via magroup and even individually.

When a person turns on this section, all the messages that he or she will be sending from the day he or she turns on that section until it is seven days will be automatically deleted. Also through the WhatsApp blog, facebook has meant that messages that will be personal and "quote" will continue to appear as normal.

Also through magroup, only Admin will be able to run the section which will also delete all the messages people chatted within seven days immediately after turning on the section.

If you want to turn on this feature, all you have to do is open your WhatsApp app, then select the person's name or account or you can log in to your chat with that person then click on that person's profile and you will be able to see that Disappearing Messages section. Click there then click Continue, then select On or Off.

Currently this section is available to various users and is expected to reach all users in the world in the near future. This feature is also available for users of both Android and iOS phones.

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