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The objectives of the Non - Aligned Movement (NAM)

The NAM is an organization comprising of less developed countries in the world. Its emergence could be traced to the 1950s after a number of Asian countries attained political independence.

In 1954, India and China signed a peace treaty known as Panschila, which marked the end of their hostility over the ownership of the Tibet Region. The principles of Panschila became the guiding phylosophy of the NAM. They included non - aggression, non- interference, mutual respect, equality and peaceful coexsistance.

The Bandung Conference that was held in Indonesia in 1955 marked the birth of the NAM. Among the main participants in this conference were Jawaharlal Nehru, the Indian Premier, Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt, President Sukarno of Indonesia and Chao En Lai, the Chinese Premier

The NAM was established as an alternative to membership of either Eastern block or Western block

Objectives of Non - Aligned Movement (NAM)

The following are some of the objectives of Non-Aligned Movement(NAM):-

  1. To safeguard the independence and sovereignity of the member states.
  2. To fight for the decolonization of countries still suffering from colonial oppression and exploitation.
  3. To fight for disarmament in the world.
  4. To fight against the establishment of military alliences that endangerd global peace.
  5. To enhance the participation of less developed countries in the United Nations.
  6. To fight neocolonialism through the promotion of economic independence among the poor countries of the world.
  7. To eradicate racism in the world
  8. To promote neutrality in the affairs of the major powers of the world among member states.
  9. To fight for the establishemnt of a new economic world order that will be free from exploitation.

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