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Steps on how to install Windows on your Computer using USB Flash

If you are one of those people who were looking for a way to be able to install Windows on your computer using Flash then this article is for you.

I know you must have a computer which is why you are reading this article so let me automatically go to the other essential requirements. Note that using this method you can install Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10. Also through this article I will explain more about the steps to bootable USB Flash with steps to install windows already fed.


In order to be able to install Windows using USB Flash then it is absolutely necessary to have a USB Flash or USB Stick that has at least 8 GB or more space, this is important because over time Windows comes with many more features so there are times when 8 GB must be insufficient absolutely.

If you already have a USB Flash then make sure you have a computer that is burning, as this will help you to create that Flash that you will be able to use to install Windows. You also need to have the Windows file you want, make sure the file is in ISO format.

How to Make Bootable USB Flash.

  1. After that you can now proceed to the next steps. Visit the link below and make sure you download the Windows USB / DVD Download Tool, after download install the software and then open it.
  2. CLICK HERE TO INSTALL Windows USB/DVD Download Tool
  3. After downloading directly open the app and now plug your USB Flash into your computer. Make sure your Flash is empty and you can format your Flash for making sure your Flash doesn't have any problems.
  4. After that in the Windows USB / DVD Download Tool, select the location where you have installed the Windows system on your computer. (Make sure the system is in .ISO format), then click Nex
  5. On the next page make sure you select the USB Device section that will appear on the bottom right as shown in the image below.
  6. The next step now is to make sure you select your USB Flash from the list, make sure you have followed all the steps to format your flash as otherwise it may not appear in this step.
  7. After that click on the Begin copying section, after which you will automatically see the Windows USB / DVD Download Tool developing bootable USB Flash. This section takes between 20 or 25 minutes depending on your computer's capabilities. Wait until the app is completely finished.
  8. After that you will be presented with the message "Bootable USB Device created successfully" and then you will be ready to install Windows using your USB Flash.

How To Install Windows Using USB Flash.

Now to be able to install the Windows system using the USB Flash automatically shut down your computer you want to install the system, then plug the USB Flash into the computer and automatically turn on your computer.

After that click the boot section, this section is different on each computer and after clicking that section then select your Flash name which will appear on your computer. It will have a similar look below.

After that you will have completed all the steps to install Windows on a computer using USB Flash, including the steps for bootable USB Flash.

Welcome again for other technology information.

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