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How To increase Storage on Your Phone by 30% or more

But if you have an Android phone with less than 32 GB of storage then this article is about you as I know you will have experienced the problem of your phone running out of space. This is especially true for phones with 16 GB ROM.

To see this today I have prepared an article that will help you in one way or another to add space or storage to your Android phone. Through this article you will be able to increase the space on your phone by 30 percent or more if you follow my instructions to the end.

Now to increase your phone storage by 30 percent:-

  • Download the Google File App.
  • If you are using any phone with a ROM less than 16 GB then the first step is to make sure you download the Google File app, this app is very useful and will help you a lot to be able to remove unwanted files on your phone.


    This app apart from removing those files will also tell you when your phone is about to reach the final level of space or storage. This app is free and very useful if you want to add space to your Android phone.

  • Transfer App From Phone storage To SDCard.
  • If your phone has a memory card storage component then you can increase the space of your phone by moving apps available on the ROM and transferring them to your phone's memory card. Although not all apps have the ability to be transferred to a memory card but most apps come with that capability.

    To simplify this you can use the APPtoSD app, this app can be very helpful to be able to take steps to transfer apps quickly and easily.

  • Learn About Google Photos.
  • All Android phones come with the Google Photos app, this app can store all your existing photos on the phone and sometimes this app saves all the photos without you even knowing it.

    If you have an Android phone directly search for the Google Photos app and open the app you can find all your photos sorted by date within the app. If all your photos are available and you have verified that then you can delete all the photos that are on your phone as you already have those photos in your Google Photos account.

    If in any case you find none of your photos on the app (this happens very rarely) then you can turn on the app to allow it to store photos on the app. You can freeze the app then click Menu - Then click - Settings - on Backup and Sync click and turn it on by selecting the On section.

  • Try Big File Cleaner App.
  • If your phone does not have space, but has the option to install an app with at least 2.8 MB then you can try this Big File Cleaner app, this app will greatly help you to be able to remove any large size files.


    If you have ever downloaded a movie on your phone and forgot to delete it or there is an app or anything that stores big data on your phone then this app will help you discover about those apps or files. Also the beauty of this app does not remove any file immediately and instead it first shows those files or apps and later gives you the ability to delete those apps or files that are great.

  • Clear Cache On Your Phone.
  • I know when you hear the cache you feel I will tell you about downloading a new cache clearing app, but given the new report make sure you do not download any cache clearing app as these apps are often said to be doing nothing.

    Instead of using cache clearing apps that come on the phone directly, Samsung comes with its own cache app, TECNO also comes with cache clearing app as well as Infinix also comes with cache clearing app. Make sure you search for the cache clearing section via settings then use that section directly to add space to your phone.

    By following these steps I believe you will have increased the space on your phone by up to 30 percent or more.


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