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How To Check if Your Password Is Safe? (Android)

It is true that internet security has now become a very difficult thing, it has not been easy to secure the internet if you do not have a system to find new ways to keep yourself safe especially if you rely on the internet to do your important things.

For starters it is important to know that this method will help you every time you want to set a password for any of your accounts, you will be able to get a message that will inform you whether the password is safe or not. So by saying that let's go straight to this point.

To get started you need to have Google Chrome browser, most Android phones come with this browser then automatically open that browser and make sure you have an update via the Play Store.

After that proceed to these steps:-

  1. Open the browser immediately after the update and type chrome: // flags in the link writing section as shown in the image below, be sure to use the chrome browser to open that page.
  2. After typing it click with Go and you will automatically be redirected to the Flags page which is a section with hidden settings for testing. In the search section that appears on the page above, automatically type ‘Bulk Password’ then you will see the Bulk Password Check section click on the section labeled Default and then select Enable.
  3. After that in the search section search again the word Safety Check, as in the step above you will see the Safety Check on Android section click the Default section and select the Enable section.
  4. After that you will be able to see the Relaunch button at the bottom right, click there and you will see the Chrome app shut down and restart again.
  5. After that you will automatically log in to the Settings section of the Chrome browser, then you will automatically be able to see the new ‘Safety Check’ Menu.
  6. Then click the section and you will be able to see other sections within Updates, Passwords, and Safe Browsing.
  7. After that now click the Check now section and you will automatically be able to see this section looking at the passwords that are currently available. Because this is your first time using this section you will be able to see that this section has not yet received any password.

From now on this section will check all your passwords as secure and you will be notified when your password will be unsafe or hacked in any way.

By then you will have finished lighting this section which will surely help you a lot if you are a regular user of various networks. Note that this section may only check your password when you are using the Google Chrome browser and not otherwise.

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