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Civic and Moral Education | Past Paper | Grade 6 2020




Choose the letter of the correct answer and put it on the space provided

1.      For the people to live together as a community, they must have the same _____

 A.    Color      

B. Blood       

 C. Interests         

 D. Education level   

  E. Walking style

2.      The leader of all government business in the parliament is called________

A.    Prime Minister     

B. Chief justice            

C. President           

 D. Speaker  

 E. MPs

3.      The youngest country to join the East African Community ( EAC) is ____

 A.    Tanzania        

 B. Kenya          

 C. Uganda    

  D. South Sudan 

 E. Rwanda

4.      One of the following is the head of the parliament in Tanzania _______

A.    The Speaker   

 B. Prime minister  

 C. Chief justice    

  D. President       

  E. I.G.P

5.      The following are members of Executive organ of the government EXCEPT ________

A.    President         

B. Speaker          

C. Prime minister            

D. Ministers           

 E. Vice president

6.      The following are the responsibilities of the father in the family EXEPT ______

A.    To send children to school       

B. To provide basic needs to the family         

C. To beat his wife for doing something wrong            

D. Provide security to the family          

E. To discipline his children

7.      Loving the community members include the following actions EXEPT _______

A.    Be kind to them           

B. Great them with smile            

C. Talk to the politely         

D.    Congratulate them     

E. Expose their privacy to other people

8.      The Tanzanian flag has four colors, which color stands to represent the water bodies?________

9.        ______ is the type of family which consists of father, mother, children and other relatives

10.  If the speaker of the United Republic of Tanzania in absent, who chair the parliamentary sessions? ….

11.    One of the following public holiday does not have special date _______

A.    Karume day            

B. Nanenane day          

C. Christmas day       

D. Nyerere day      

E. Easter Monday

12.  The following organ of the government is responsible for interpreting the laws of the country ….

A.    Judiciary        

B. Police force            

C. Executive         

D. Parliament           

E. Cabinet

13.  As a pupil you have to abstain from all the following behaviors EXCEPT _____     

A.    Premarital sex         

B. Theft              

C. Using alcohol             

D. Abusing parents       

E. Greeting each other

14.   ________is a type of democracy which can be applied in an area or country with large population.

15.  ______ is the head of police force in the district.

A.    District police commissioner          

B. Regional police commissioner        

C. Inspector General of Police             

D. Officer Commanding District           

E. District Commissioner

16.  The following leaders are appointed by the president EXEPT ______

A.    District Executive Director           

B. Prime Minister              

C. Speaker          

D. Ministers

E.     Regional Commissioner

17.  The disease called CORONA started in which country? _________________________

18.  So as to perform well in your studies, you have to do at least two things which are

___________________________ and _______________________________________________________

19.  The Sukuma dancing is called _______________________

20.  The highest mountain in Africa id found in _______________________

21.  Laws  are made by the Parliament and approved by the President under Executive, the law before signed by the president is called ____________________

22.  __________________is a current Inspector General of Police in Tanzania.

23.  According to the constitution of Tanzania, the local government election is done every after __________________ years.

24.  The Union day is celebrated on ________________each year.

25.  People who provide assistance to people  who are in need of special care are called ____­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_____________________

Prepared by Sir. David Peter

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