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The list of Prime Ministers of the United Republic of Tanzania

Before starting, we have to know that Tanganyika was the Germany colony after Berlin conference of 1884 - 1885 under Otto Von Bismark. But after the WW1, German was purnished as the cause of the War, as a punishment most of their colonies were taken including Tanganyika. Therefore in 1919 British took over Tanganyika and led through Governors. The first British Governor in Tangayika was called Horace Byatt and the last British Governor was Richard Turnbull and he handled independent to Tanganyika under Mwalimu Julius Nyerere as a first Prime Minister of Tanganyika.

The first Prime Minister of Tanganyika was Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, in 1962 Tanganyika became republic and Mwalimu Nyerere become the First President of Tangayika.


NameTook OfficeLeft OfficePolitical Parties
1. Rashid Kawawa17 February 197213 February 1977TANU
2. Edward Moringe Sokoine13 Februari 19777 Novemba 1980CCM
3. Cleopa David Msuya7 November 198024 February 1983CCM
4. Edward Moringe Sokoine24 February 198312 April 1984CCM
5. Salim Ahmed Salim24 April 19845 November 1985CCM
6. Joseph Sinde Warioba5 November 19859 November 1990CCM
7. John Malecela9 November 19907 December 1994CCM
8. Cleopa David Msuya7 December 199428 November 1995CCM
9. Fredrick Sumaye28 November 199530 December 2005CCM
10. Edward Ngoyai Lowasa30 December 20057 February 2008CCM
11. Mizengo Pinda9 February 200820 November 2015CCM
12. Kassim Majaliwa Kassim19 November 2015PresentCCM

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