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The concept of Bay, Cape, Strait, Peninsula, Gulf and Island

Today we are going to learn and understand different Geographically features


A peninsula is a landform that can be described as a strip of land surrounded by water on its three sides (Right, left and forward).

  1. Buri Peninsula, Eritrea.
  2. Ras Hafun, Somalia.
  3. Ras Kasar, Eritrea.
  4. Ras Siyyan, Djibouti.

Above are examples of Peninsulas which are found in Africa.


    Abay is an inlet of water that inter to the land. When it is large it is called Gulf

    Examples of Bay/ Gulfs in Africa are the following:-

    1. Gulf of Guinea in Cameroon
    2. Gulf of Aden in Djbouti
    3. Gulf of Tadjoura in Djbouti
    4. Abū Qīr Bay in Egypt
    5. Gulf of Sidra in Libya
    6. Delagoa Bay in Mozambique
    7. Gulf of Gabes in Tunisia
    8. Alexander Bay in South Africa
    9. Winam Gulf in Kenya
    • CAPE
    • This is a part of land that inters to the water body usually ocean or sea.

      The following are examples of Capes found in Africa:-

      1. Cap-Vert in Senegal
      2. Cape Guardafui in Somalia
      3. Cape Agulhas in South Africa
      4. Cape of Good Hope in South Africa
      5. Cap-Vert in Senegal
      6. Cap-Vert in Senegal
      • A STRAIT

      A strait is a narrow body of water that connects two larger bodies of water.

      Good example of strait is Strait of Gibraltar, the only link between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

      • ISLAND
      • Island is a piece of land which is surrounded by water both sides.

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